To enable Virtual Machine IOPs metrics that populate the DB2 IOPS Dashboard within the Management Pack, you must enable them via policy within vRealize Operations.


  • The VMware vSphere Management Pack must be installed.
  • The IBM DB2 Management Pack must be installed.


  1. From the top navigation bar, select Administration, then click Policies.
  2. Take note of the active policy listed in the Active tab, then click the Policy Library tab.
  3. Select the active policy from the list.
    Note: If a custom policy from another Management Pack is not your current active policy, the default will be something like ‘vSphere Solution’s Default Policy (<timestamp>)’.
  4. Click the Edit edit_icon icon.
  5. Select 2. Select Base Policies.
  6. Select Blue Medora Default Policy for DB2 Adapter under Override settings from additional policies.
  7. Click Apply, then Save.



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