Before installing and configuring the Management Pack, ensure your system meets the following requirements:

vRealize Operations Requirements IBM DB2 Requirements

vRealize Operations 7.x or 8.x

 (Enterprise edition only)

IBM DB2 versions 9.5+

Important: A few special configurations are required on your IBM DB2 database in order for the Management Pack to collect metrics. See: Configuring the Management Pack for Monitoring Metrics (IBM DB2).
Connection vROps hostname or IP address

IBM DB2 hostname (i.e., IP or DNS name of IBM DB2 System)

Important: If your DB2 database system is set up to use SSL, you must add the DB2 SSL certificate prior to adding your adapter instance. See: Enabling SSL (IBM DB2) for details.

D efault port is 50000 (TCP)

Credentials vROps username/password with access to vRealize Suite API is required

IBM DB2 username/password

Important: For least-privileged user requirements, see: Creating a Least-Privileged User (IBM DB2).