The Management Pack for IBM HMC creates alerts and provides recommended actions based on various symptoms (health status notifications, events) that it detects in your IBM HMC environment. See the table below for the list of alerts available in the Management Pack.

Origin Alert Severity Recommendation
Logical Partition Error Immediate Error
Logical Partition Hardware Discovery Info
Logical Partition Migrating Not Active Warning
Logical Partition Migrating Running Info
Logical Partition Not Activated Warning Not Activated
Logical Partition Not Available Warning Not Available
Logical Partition Open Firmware Info
Logical Partition Resuming Info Resuming
Logical Partition Running Info Running
Logical Partition Shutting Down Warning
Logical Partition Starting Info Starting
Logical Partition Suspended Info Suspended
Logical Partition Suspending Info Suspending
Logical Partition Unknown Immediate Unknown
Logical Partition Affinity Score Warning
Power System Error Warning
Power System Error - Dump In Progress Warning
Power System Error - Terminated Warning
Power System Failed Authentication Warning
Power System Incomplete Warning
Power System Initializing Info
Power System No Connection Warning
Power System On Demand Recovery Warning
Power System Operating Info
Power System Pending Authentication - Password Updates Required Warning
Power System Power Off Info
Power System Power Off In Progress Info
Power System Recovery Warning
Power System Service Processor Failover Warning
Power System Standby Info
Power System Unknown Warning
Power System Version Mismatch Warning
Virtual IO Server Error Immediate Error
Virtual IO Server Hardware Discovery Info
Virtual IO Server Migrating Not Active Warning
Virtual IO Server Migrating Running Info
Virtual IO Server Not Activated Warning Not Activated
Virtual IO Server Not Available Warning Not Available
Virtual IO Server Open Firmware Info
Virtual IO Server Resuming Info Resuming
Virtual IO Server Running Info Running
Virtual IO Server Shutting Down Warning
Virtual IO Server Starting Info Starting
Virtual IO Server Suspended Info Suspended
Virtual IO Server Suspending Info Suspending
Virtual IO Server Unknown Immediate Unknown