Using the predictive analytics capabilities of vRealize Operations through capacity definitions, the Management Pack for IBM PowerVC populates capacities as indicated in the table below.

Resource Kind Calculated Capacity Metric Max Metric Usage Metric
power_system Host Memory metric_key_value_of_100_custom_metric


power_system Host CPU metric_key_value_of_100_custom_metric cpu_utilization
storage Storage Capacity total_capacity used_capacity
virtual_machine Virtual Machine Memory metric_key_value_of_100_custom_metric


virtual_machine Virtual Machine CPU metric_key_value_of_100_custom_metric cpu_utilization
Important: The "metric_key_value_of_100_custom_metric" values in the max metric columns are how we the metrics as a percentage (i.e. the usage metric is always out of 100).

To access the capacity definitions:

  1. Navigate to Environment > IBM PowerVC.
  2. Double click on IBM PowerVC.
  3. Select the appropriate resource.
  4. Select the Capacity tab.