The Management Pack for IBM PowerVC creates alerts and provides recommended actions based on various symptoms (health status notifications, events) that it detects in your IBM PowerVC environment. See the table below for the list of alerts available in the Management Pack.

Origin Alert Severity Recommendation
Network Status Active Info
Network Status Build Info
Network Status Down Immediate
Network Status Error Immediate
Power System Fault Immediate
Power System Health Attention Warning
Power System Health Critical Critical
Power System Health Info Info
Power System Health Ok Info
Power System Health Unknown Warning
Power System Health Warning Warning
Power System Hypervisor Disabled Warning
Power System Hypervisor Down Warning
Virtual Machine Fault Immediate
Virtual Machine Health Attention Warning
Virtual Machine Health Critical Critical
Virtual Machine Health Info Info
Virtual Machine Health Ok Info
Virtual Machine Health Unknown Warning
Virtual Machine Health Warning Warning
Virtual Machine State Active Info
Virtual Machine Status Build Info
Virtual Machine Status Deleted Warning
Virtual Machine Status Error Immediate
Virtual Machine Status Hard Reboot Warning
Virtual Machine Status Migrating Info
Virtual Machine Status Password Info
Virtual Machine Status Paused Info
Virtual Machine Status Reboot Info
Virtual Machine Status Rebuild Info
Virtual Machine Status Rescue Warning
Virtual Machine Status Resize Info
Virtual Machine Status Revert Resize Warning
Virtual Machine Status Shelved Info
Virtual Machine Status Shelved Offloaded Info
Virtual Machine Status Shutoff Info
Virtual Machine Status Soft Deleted Info
Virtual Machine Status suspended Info
Virtual Machine Status Unknown Immediate
Virtual Machine Status Verify Resize Info
Volume Health Attention Warning
Volume Health Critical Critical
Volume Health Info Info
Volume Health Ok Info
Volume Health Unknown Warning
Volume Health Warning Warning
Volume Status Attaching Info
Volume Status Available Info
Volume Status Awaiting Transfer Info
Volume Status Backing Up Info
Volume Status Creating Info
Volume Status Deleting Warning
Volume Status Detaching Info
Volume Status Downloading Info
Volume Status Error Immediate
Volume Status Error Backing Up Immediate
Volume Status Error Deleting Immediate
Volume Status Error Extending Immediate
Volume Status Error Restoring Immediate
Volume Status Extending Info
Volume Status In Use Info
Volume Status Maintenance Info
Volume Status Reserved Info
Volume Status Restoring Backup Info
Volume Status Retyping Info
Volume Status Uploading Info