This topic explains how the Management Pack for Microsoft IIS works and how to get started using it.

  • How the Management Pack Works
  • How to Get Started

How the Management Pack Works

The Management Pack for Microsoft IIS accesses theMicrosoft IIS Administration API to import Microsoft IIS resources, relationships, and metrics into vRealize Operations, enabling comprehensive monitoring and troubleshooting, while providing visibility into the virtual layer.

How to Get Started

To get started monitoring Microsoft IIS from within vRealize Operations, see the following topics:

  1. Review theSystem Requirements (Microsoft IIS) and ensure you have performed the necessary prerequisite tasks:
  2. Install the management pack. See: Installing the Management Pack (Microsoft IIS).
  3. Configure the management pack. See: Configuring the Management Pack (Microsoft IIS). If you encounter any Test Connection errors when configuring, see: Troubleshooting the Management Pack (Microsoft IIS).
  4. Start using the management pack. See: Using the Management Pack (Microsoft IIS).