The file in the $VCOPS_BASE/user/plugins/inbound/msscom_adapter3/conf/folder contains general settings that apply to all database queries. You can modify these properties to customize Management Pack operation.

Note: After you modify property values, stop and restart collection for the adapter instance for changes to take effect.



The following additional configuration settings can be found in the file located in the $VCOPS_BASE/user/plugins/inbound/msscom_adapter3/conf/ folder. You can modify the entries in the file, and they will be read in during the next collection.

Property Description Default Value
namePrefix Prefix for resource name. If specified, all resources in the system added by SCOM adapter will have this prefix. blank
generateDownAlert Enable/disable Resource Down alert generation for non-adapter instance resources false
topLevelResourceKinds Defines the list of SCOM entity types that will be represented as separate resource kinds. For more information, see:Adding Top-Level Object Types (SCOM). See full list in properties file.
createExternalRelationships Enable/disable relationship creation between identical external resources (of VMware and Hyperic adapters) false
relationship_sync_interval Determines how frequently relationships are computed and sent to vRealize. The unit is in collection cycles. The default collection cycle is 5 minutes. By default, relationships will be updated every 50 minutes. 10
max_relationships_per_collection This determines the max amount of relationships that can be sent to vRealize on any collection cycle. If more than this number of relationships are present, the remaining relationships are deferred to the next collection cycle(s). 500
activeDirectoryOU To filter by Active Directory Organizational Unit, Active Directory Site, or both, add the OU or site. Each can be comma-separated list of OUs/Sites blank
importComputersWithNoActiveDirectoryInformation If AD filtering is enabled, this flag determines how to deal with computers that do not contain AD information. true
importEntitiesNotAttachedToComputers If AD filtering is enabled, this flag determines how to deal with entities that do not have a relationship to a Computer (with or without AD information) true

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