To backfill data after upgrading to a new version of the Management Pack, you can run historical mode, as follows:

  1. Stop all adapter instances.
  2. Go to the $VCOPS_BASE/user/plugins/inbound/msscom_adapter3/conf directory.

  3. Open the file and set historicModeEnabled=true and hoursOfDataToCollectOnInstall to be greater than 0.

    Note: OPTIONAL: Set historicalDataChunkSizeInMinutes, which is the amount of time that each historical collection will be allotted. An example would be to set it to 100 hours of data to collect, with 600 minute intervals so that there will be 10 historical collections with 10 hours of data each.
  4. Go to the $VCOPS_BASE/user/plugins/inbound/msscom_adapter3/work director.
  5. Remove the lastcollection_<#>.properties file that corresponds with the adapter instance. If you want to use historical collection on all adapters, remove all lastcollection_<#>.properties files.
  6. Restart the adapters. Historical metrics should fill in as expected.