The Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server contains out-of-the-box reports that you can easily export and share with key stakeholders in either .pdf or .csv formats.

The following reports are available in the Management Pack:

Report Description Views Used
MS SQL Query Analysis Provides a breakdown of query executions, as well as unique query plans and query text MS SQL Queries
MS SQL Server Database Size Distribution Provides a size distribution breakdown of databases on a server, along with a size distribution list for each database MS SQL Server Size Distribution, MS SQL Server Database Size
MS SQL Server Environment Disk Access Provides a look at server and database disk access operations MS SQL Server Disk Access, MS SQL Server Database Disk Access
MS SQL Server Environment Locks Provides a breakdown of server level lock requests and wait times, as well as database delays MS SQL Server Locks, MS SQL Server Database Locks
MS SQL Server Environment Overview Provides server and database overview and database size distribution MS SQL Server Database Overview, MS SQL Server Overview, MS SQL Server Database Size
MS SQL Server Memory Breakdown Provides a breakdown of physical memory used, recommended, stolen, as well as maximum and total physical memory MS SQL Server Memory Breakdown
MS SQL Server Stress Provides a server level stress assessment and resource usage MS SQL Server Stress

To access Management Pack reports:

  1. Navigate to Environment > All Objects > Microsoft SQL Server .
  2. Double-click on the desired object (resource).
  3. Select the Reports tab, then Report Templates.

The available report(s) for the selected resource are listed and can be selected.

To run a selected report, click the Run Template run_template_icon icon.

Accessing Reports