The Management Pack for MongoDB contains out-of-the-box report(s)—which contain one or more Views (MongoDB)—that you can export and easily share with key stakeholders in either .pdf or .csv formats.

The following reports are available in the Management Pack:

  • MongoDB Capacity
  • MongoDB Cluster Overview
  • MongoDB Config Server Overview
  • MongoDB Databases Overview
  • MongoDB Health
  • MongoDB KPIs
  • MongoDB Mongod Overview
  • MongoDB Mongos Overview
  • MongoDB Replica Set Overview
  • MongoDB Shard Overview

To access Management Pack reports:

  1. Navigate to Environment > All Objects > MongoDB.
  2. Double-click on the desired object (resource).
  3. Select the Reports tab, then Report Templates.

The available report(s) for the selected resource are listed and can be selected.

To run a selected report, click the Run Template run_template_icon icon.

Accessing Reports