For the Management Pack to access and return certain metrics from your MySQL database system, different privileges must be granted to the MySQL user as outlined below.

Note: The REPLICATION CLIENT permission is required for proper operation of the Management Pack. Even if you are not using replication, please note that if the REPLICATION CLIENT permission is not used, process data will not be collected, and an error will be listed in the log files.
Metric(s) Required Privileges
MySQL Table & Database I/O (only applicable on MySQL 5.7) EXECUTE

MYSQL Instance:

  • Instance Adaptive Hash Index
  • Buffer
  • Buffer Page I/O
  • Change Buffer
  • Compression
  • DDL
  • DML
  • File System
  • ICP
  • Index
  • Lock
  • Metadata
  • OS
  • Purge
  • Recovery
  • Server
  • Transaction
  • Tablespace