Before installing and configuring the Management Pack, ensure your system meets the following requirements:

vRealize Operations Requirements NetApp E-Series Requirements
Version(s) vRealize Operations 7.x & 8.x (Advanced or Enterprise editions)

NetApp E-Series or EF-Series hardware

API: SANtricity Web Service for E-Series Proxy v1.3+


The Management Pack collects data using the storage array’s REST API via port 8080 (HTTP) or 8443 (HTTPS).

Your NetApp E-Series hostname, or IP address, is required.

Note: IPv4 is supported.

NetApp E-Series User Name/Password

Note: The Management Pack for NetApp E-Series requires a least privileged NetApp user account of read-only.
Note: To enable volume and disk metric collection, the wsconfig.xml file must be configured. See the "Configuring the wsconfig.xml File" section on page 4 of the NetApp SANtricity Web Services Proxy User Guide for more details.