Before installing and configuring the Management Pack, ensure your system meets the following requirements:

vRealize Operations Requirements Oracle Database Requirements
Version(s) vRealize Operations v6.3+ (Enterprise edition only)

Oracle Database 11.2+

Connection vROps hostname or IP address

Oracle Database instance hostname or IP address

SID/Service Name required to connect to the instance

Default Ports:

  • Non-SSL: 1521 (TCP)
  • SSL: 2484 (TCP)
Credentials N/A

Oracle Database User Name and Password

Note: For details on the minimum user privileges that must be granted for your monitoring user, see: Configuring a Least-Privileged User (LPU) (Oracle Database).
Note: If using SSL, the SSL truststore containing the certificate must be copied to your vROps system prior to configuring an adapter instance. See Enabling SSL (Oracle Database) for more information.