The resourceGroups.conf file allows turning on and off resource groups. Turning off a resource group will cause it to not be collected from OEM or added into vROps. Limiting the number of resource groups results in improved performance both for OEM (faster query execution) and vROps (reduced processing and storage requirements).

This file is created when the first collection cycle starts for an adapter instance and will contain all resource groups and target types present in MGMT$METRIC_CURRENT. By default, only resource groups that are not instanced will be marked to collect (i.e., the value for the column_key value in MGMT$METRIC_CURRENT is null).

To change which resource groups are marked to collect, open the resourceGroups.conf file located in the $VCOPS_BASE/user/plugins/inbound/oem_adapter3/conf/ folder.

Each line has three fields, separated by a pipe (‘|’). The first line is the target_type, the second is the resource_group, and the third determines whether the resource group is marked to collect. To mark a resource group to collect, set the third column to ‘X’. For example, the following lines tell the adapter to collect resource_group_1, but not resource_group_2, for any resources of kind target_type_X.

target_type_X | resource_group_1 | X

target_type_X | resource_group_2 |

Important: If vROps is running in cluster mode, you must modify the resourceGroups.conf file on the collector node running the Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager.