The following settings can be found in the file in the $VCOPS_BASE/user/plugins/inbound/oem_adapter3/conf/ folder. You can tune adapter operation by modifying the properties in the file. The modified properties will be read in during the next collection.

Note: If vROps is running in cluster mode, you must modify the file on the collector node running the Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager.
Property Description Default Value
allowedResourceKinds Comma-delimited list of allowed resource kinds. The values that you list must correspond to values in the TARGET_TYPE column in the database MGMT$TARGET view. host, oracle_database, oracle_listener
discoverByHosts Filters by EM-monitored host(s) and returns only children of the listed host(s) blank
limitEventsToLastCollection Limits the events returned to only those created since the last collection false
mainFetchSize Number of records to process at a time during current metric collection. A higher value increases memory use during collection but improves data processing performance. 500
maxQueryWindow Maximum trailing time from the current time to query, in minutes. 15
minQueryWindow Minimum trailing time from the current time to query, in minutes. 1
openDataImporterHost Hostname of opendataimporter host localhost
openDataImporterPort Port to connect to on opendataimporter host 1100
resourceUpStatuses Comma-delimited list of AVAILABILITY_STATUS column values that indicate a resource is available. This property determines resource availability. Target Up
schema Schema that contains Oracle Enterprise Manager objects. SYSMAN
updateOEMHostToVMRelationships Determines when Host to VM Relationships are updated. Allowed values are: {always, never, onFirstCollection} onFirstCollection