The Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager creates Resource Kinds and Relationships (associations) for critical resources in your Oracle Enterprise Manager environment.

Resource Kinds

Performance data, relationships, and events are collected for the following Oracle Enterprise Manager resource kinds:

  1. Adapter Instance
  2. Application Deployment
  3. ASM IO Server
  4. ASM Proxy
  5. Automatic Storage Management
  6. Cluster ASM
  7. Cluster Database
  8. Cluster Database Container
  9. Database Group
  10. Database Instance
  11. Database System
  12. Entity Status
  13. Host
  14. Listener
  15. OMS and Repository
  16. OMS Console
  17. OMS Platform
  18. Oracle High Availability Service
  19. Oracle Home
  20. Oracle Management Agent
  21. Oracle Management Service
  22. Oracle VM Guest
  23. Oracle VM Server Pool
  24. Oracle VM Server
  25. Oracle WebLogic Domain
  26. Oracle WebLogic Domain Group
  27. Oracle WebLogic Server
  28. Siebel Component
  29. Siebel Component Group
  30. Siebel Database Store
  31. Siebel Enterprise
  32. Siebel Gateway
  33. Siebel Server


Relationships among discovered resources are also created by the Management Pack. The hierarchical structure of those relationships is dependent on your Oracle Enterprise Manager configuration.