To further customize how your Management Pack dashboards are displayed, the following tags (containers) are currently available for filtering:

  1. The SAP Systems with ABAP or Dual Stack Instances tag is available to help configure the SAP System Heatmapwidget according to Dialog Response Time in the SAP Overview Dashboard.
  2. The following tags are available for the Environment Overview widget in the SAP Relationships Dashboard:
  • SAP Virtual Machines
  • SAP Related Hosts
  • SAP Related Datastores

To select a tag, perform the following steps:

Note: Depending on the dashboard, the steps for selecting a tag may vary slightly.
  1. Click the Content navigation shortcut.
  2. Select Dashboards from the navigation pane.
  3. Select the dashboard you want to filter, then click Edit.
  4. Select Edit Widget for the dashboard widget you want to edit .
  5. Select the desired configuration from the drop-down menu.
  6. Under Filter, expand the SAP Container option and select the desired tag(s).
  7. To save your configuration and exit the Edit window, click Save .
Note: If selecting multiple configurations, you can save each one without exiting the Edit window by clicking Save Configuration.

Tag Selection Example