The Management Pack for SAP creates Resource Kinds and Relationships (associations) for critical resources in your SAP environment.

Resource Kinds

Performance data, relationships (associations), and events are collected for the following SAP resource kinds:

  1. SAP - Adapter Instance
  2. SAP - Landscape

    Important: The Landscape resource must be created as a container object in vROps. See: Creating an SAP Landscape.
  3. SAP - System
  4. SAP - Host
  5. SAP - Database

  6. SAP - ABAP Instance

  7. SAP - Java Instance

  8. SAP - Dual Stack Instance

  9. SAP - Java Central Services Instance

  10. SAP - ABAP Central Services Instance

  11. SAP - Master Data Server Instance

  12. SAP - Master Data Import Server Instance

  13. SAP - Master Data Layout Server Instance

  14. SAP - Master Data Syndication Server Instance

  15. SAP - Gateway Instance

  16. SAP - HANA Database Instance

  17. SAP - TREX Instance

  18. SAP - Enqueue Replication Server Instance

  19. SAP - Web Dispatcher Instance

  20. SAP - Other Instance


Relationships among discovered resources are also created by the Management Pack. The hierarchical structure of those relationships is depicted in the diagram below.

SAP Relationships Diagram


External Relationships

In addition to external relationships to the VMware virtual layer, the Management Pack for SAP can discover external relationships for True Visibility Suite customers who are also using the Management Packs for Oracle Database or SAP HANA.

  • Oracle Database > SAP Database
  • SAP HANA Database > SAP Database