Before you can begin using the Management Pack, you must create an adapter instance to identify the host from which the Management Pack will retrieve data.


  1. Click the Administration administration_icon icon. In the right panel, the Solutions view will be displayed.
  2. Select SolarWinds NPM from the Solutions list on the right.
  3. Click the Configure configure_icon icon. The Manage Solution window will appear.
    Note: Click the Add add_icon icon above the Instance Namelist on the left to create multiple adapter instances

  4. In the Manage Solution window, enter the following information:
    1. Adapter Settings:
      • Display Name: A name for this particular instance of the Management Pack.
      • Description: Optional, but it can be helpful to describe multiple adapter instances of the Management Pack.
    2. Basic Settings:
      • Hostname: SolarWinds Hostname or IP address.
      Note: The Management Pack supports IPv4 and IPv6.
    3. Advanced Settings:
      • Collector: Default Collector/Group is automatically selected. Click the drop-down menu if you want to run the collection on a different node.
      • Auto Discovery: Default setting is True, which enables the adapter instance to create resources for you. This should not be set to False.
      • Port: Default port is 17778, but can be changed if your SolarWinds configuration differs.
      • (Monitor) Nodes Collection – VLAN Nodes Collection: Default selection is Resource and events, but Resource or Off are also available options.
      • (Monitor) Interfaces Collection: Default selection is Aggregate resource with events, but Aggregate resource, Resource and events, Resource, or Off are also available options.
      • Relationship Collection Time: For the default selection, relationship collection will occur every 10 collection cycles. This setting can be changed to limit full relationship collection processing to once per day, with time selections of 00:00 to 22:00, in increments of 2 hours.

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