TVS Manager lets the user change properties from a single action and then propagates the changes to all nodes in the vRealize cluster.

Update Properties is an action available on all Blue Medora management packs. This will take in a filename and a properties string. For example:

Filename Properties relationship_sync_interval=4 max_relationships_per_collection=1000

This will update those properties on all nodes, and create the file if it doesn't exist. Warnings will be issued if properties are added that didn't exist or if a new file was created.

Possible Error Messages

  • Adapter folder for ${parameters.adapterKindKey} is not defined.
    • There is no definition for the adapter kind key. TVS Manager does not support that adapter kind. Contact Blue Medora Engineering.
  • Directory $folderName does not exist.
    • The folder for the adapter instance was not found in the plugin directory. This error shouldn't happen unless the vrops filesystem changes.