Licensing Errors

If the license is invalid for any of the solutions installed, the license will not be added for that solution. For example, a TVS Standard license does not have the Networking Devices Management pack in the license, therefore, the license will not be added to the Networking Devices Management Pack.

Connection Diagnostics Errors


  • No URI given
    • URI was empty or null when given to the action. Run the action again with a URI.
  • Curl exited with code 2. See Curl documentation for details on this exit code.
    • see manual for cURL to diagnose exit codes (search for heading EXIT CODES near the end of the document)


  • No Host given
    • Host was empty or null when given to the action. Run the action again with a Host / IP.
  • Ping exited with code 1. See Ping documentation for details on this exit code.
    • from manual: If ping does not receive any reply packets at all it will exit with code 1. If a packet count and deadline are both specified, and fewer than count packets are received by the time the deadline has arrived, it will also exit with code 1. On other error it exits with code 2. Otherwise it exits with code 0. This makes it possible to use the exit code to see if a host is alive or not.

Properties Update Errors

  • Adapter folder for ${parameters.adapterKindKey} is not defined.
    • There is no definition for the adapter kind key. TVS Manager does not support that adapter kind. Contact Support.
  • Directory $folderName does not exist.
    • The folder for the adapter instance was not found in the plugin directory. This error shouldn't happen unless the vrops filesystem changes.

Log Collection Errors

  • Unable to run collectLogs Action. collectLogs is already running on Collector ID 1
    • This means that Collect Logs is already running on the given collector node. Wait until the other action is finished.
  • Unable to find result for action collectLogs
    • This means that the result was removed before it was retrieved. If this error happens, Contact Support.
    • The likely cause is a TVS Manager Adapter instance being restarted by a user and a collect logs thread was not properly cleaned up.
  • Extended Log file long_run_$SOLUTIONID_$RESOURCEID.log was not created.
    • The log file wasn't created (reason unknown). Contact Support.
    • Likely causes are: no write permissions on File/folder, or lack of disk space.
  • Unabled to locate file at path $LOG4J_PROPERTIES_FILE_LOCATION
    • The known path for is incorrect on the customer's system. Contact Support.
  • Only one adapter instance per action is supported for the Collect Logs action.
    • User attempted to collect logs for more than one adapter instance. Select only one adapter instance to run an action against.
  • No adapter instance given to the Collect Logs action.
    • The user should not encounter this error (this parameter is given by vROps). Contact Support.
  • Missing required fields for log collection: any of {timeout, collections, resourceId, adapterKindKey, collectorId, restartAdapterInstance}
    • The user should not encounter this error (The parameter validation is done by vrops before given to the adapter instance action). Contact Support
  • Cannot collect log files for an adapter on a different collector. TVS Collector ID: 1; $adapterKind Collector ID: 2
    • The user should not encounter this error, The adapter instance to run the action on is selected by vROps and should always be the one on the same collector. Contact Support
  • Collecting logs for $adapterKind is not supported.
    • The user should not encounter this error, if they do, TVS Manager has a bug and should be reported.
  • log file LOG_FILE does not exist on collector 1
    • The user should not encounter this error. If they do, that means that vrops did not create a log file for the adapter instance they're trying to collect from.