VMware® vSphere+™ is a multi-cloud workload platform that brings the benefits of VMware Cloud Services to your on-premises workloads. vSphere+ combines the industry-leading virtualization technology, an enterprise-ready Kubernetes environment, and high-value cloud services to transform your existing on-premises deployments into a SaaS-enabled infrastructure.

VMware offers a simple and flexible subscription model for vSphere+. You can leverage your existing capital expense (CapEx) investments and easily shift to an operational expense (OpEx) model with a pay-as-you-grow subscription without needing to refactor workloads.

vSphere+ provides you the flexibility to manage and operate your vSphere infrastructure on-premises while leveraging several cloud capabilities. With vSphere+, you can:

  • Visualize your entire vSphere inventory distributed across different geographies from a centralized VMware Cloud (VMC) Console.
  • Easily monitor global events, alerts, and security posture of your vSphere infrastructure. Quickly triage areas that need your immediate attention.
  • View all the VMs in your vSphere environment, identify clusters that have the required capacity, and create VMs as necessary.
  • Update your vCenter Server instances in a single click. With the reduced operational effort and maintenance window, you can plan for updates more frequently and keep your vCenter Server up-to-date with all new features.
  • Standardize and easily cascade vCenter Server configurations across your vSphere environment. Easily detect and remediate any configuration drifts.
  • Transform your existing virtual infrastructure into an enterprise-ready, self-service Kubernetes platform by using VMware Tanzu Standard Runtime Edition included in the vSphere+ subscription.

For vSphere+, the only installation required in your on-premises environment is a vCenter Cloud Gateway VM. vCenter Cloud Gateway establishes the communication between your on-premises vCenter Server instances and VMware Cloud, thereby, facilitates monitoring and managing your vSphere infrastructure from the VMC Console.

Figure 1. vSphere+ Architecture
Diagram showing the architecture for vSphere+