vSphere+ supports all existing vSphere capabilities including Enhanced Linked Mode and vSphere High Availability (HA). The ESXi host and vCenter Server must meet certain software and hardware requirements.

ESXi Host and vCenter Server Requirements

  • vCenter Server:
    • 7.0 Update 3g and later
    • 8.0.x and later
  • ESXi hosts: All versions of 6.7, 7.0, and 8.0.

Hardware Requirements

The cluster where the vCenter Server and VMware Cloud Gateway are deployed must meet certain hardware requirements.

Hardware Requirements for VMware Cloud Gateway
You can connect up to 8 vCenter Server instances on each VMware Cloud Gateway instance. The number of instances you must install depends on the number of vCenter Server instances you want to subscribe to vSphere+. See VMware Cloud Gateway Requirements.
Hardware Requirements for vCenter Server Updates
The CPU, memory, and storage on the cluster must be at least twice the size of the deployed vCenter Server so that the hardware is sufficient for the vCenter Server updates. See System Requirements for the vCenter Server.