Your vSphere environment must meet certain software and hardware requirements for vSphere+.

ESXi Host and vCenter Server Requirements

You can use vCenter Server 6.7.x and later to start using certain basic features of vSphere+ without a subscription. To subscribe and use all the features of vSphere+, you must upgrade your vCenter Server to the latest version.

vSphere+ supports ESXi hosts that are compatible with the supported vCenter Server versions. For information about ESXi hosts compatible with your vCenter Server, see Product Interoperability Matrix.

Version vSphere+ Features
vCenter Server 6.7.x and later
  • Explore free trial
  • Monitor your vSphere infrastructure

vCenter Server 7.0 Update 3g

You can download the latest supported version and patch by using the Downloads option in the VMC Console. See Download Software Binaries.

  • Convert your vCenter Server to subscription.
  • Use all features
  • Get Customer Support

In addition to the version requirements, complete the following requirements:

  • Ensure that the vCenter Server is not configured in High Availability (HA) mode.
  • If the vCenter Server is configured in Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM), unlink it from ELM. See Repoint a vCenter Server Node to a New Domain.

    ELM is not required because with vSphere+ you can monitor your entire vSphere inventory in a centralized VMC Console.

  • Ensure that the vCenter Server is not configured with VMware Cloud Foundation.

Hardware Requirements

The cluster where the vCenter Server and vCenter Cloud Gateway are deployed must meet certain hardware requirements.

Hardware Requirements for vCenter Cloud Gateway
The following hardware requirements are for a single instance of vCenter Cloud Gateway. The number of instances you must install depends on the number of vCenter Server instances you want to subscribe to vSphere+. You can connect up to 4 vCenter Server instances on each vCenter Cloud Gateway instance.
Table 1. Hardware Requirements
Hardware Minimum Requirement
vCPUs 8
Memory 28 GB
Storage 190 GB
Hardware Requirements for vCenter Server Updates
The CPU, memory, and storage on the cluster must be at least twice the size of the deployed vCenter Server so that the hardware is sufficient for the vCenter Server updates. See System Requirements for the vCenter Server.