When you purchase a vSphere+ subscription, you receive an email in 24 hours that contains a unique link to apply the subscription. Use this link and follow the on-screen prompts to apply a vSphere+ subscription.

When you purchase a vSAN+ subscription, it is applied to your Organization automatically after you apply the vSphere+ subscription.

If you are logging in to the VMware Cloud Console for the first time, you create your VMware Cloud account and an Organization, and then apply the subscription to the Organization.

VMware Cloud accounts are based on an Organization, which corresponds to a group or line of business subscribed to VMware Cloud Services. VMware Cloud Services use Organizations to provide controlled access to one or more services. Your VMware Cloud account is contained within an Organization.


  1. In the email that you received after purchasing the vSphere+ subscription, click Apply Subscription.
    The VMware Cloud Services sign in page opens.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to create your VMware Cloud account by using your existing VMware account credentials. If you do not have a VMware account, create an account as you sign up.
  3. On the Subscriptions page, select the subscriptions and commitments that apply to your Organization.
  4. On the Organization and Payment page, enter your Organization details and payment method. You can select an existing Organization or create one for vSphere+.
  5. Click Complete > Apply Subscriptions.
    The vSphere+ Launchpad page opens.
  6. Under Infrastructure, select vSphere+ > Learn More > Get Started.
    You are directed to Journey page.

What to do next

Review the instructions on the Journey page, and click Get Started to install VMware Cloud Gateway and connect your vCenter instances to VMware Cloud. See Connect Your vCenter.