You can often obtain valuable troubleshooting information by looking at the logs generated by the various services and agents that your implementation is using. Checking the log files can help you identify the source of the failure.

VMware Support monitors and resolves any issues related to vSphere+ services, and also collects the logs for vSphere+. If you want to view vSphere+ logs, contact VMware Support.

For troubleshooting purposes, VMware Support may request log files from your on-premises vSphere infrastructure.

To collect vSphere logs, see Collecting Log Files.

To collect VMware Cloud Gateway logs:
  1. Log in to VMware Cloud Gateway at https://gw-address:5480 where gw-address is the IP address or FQDN of VMware Cloud Gateway.
  2. Click Actions > Create Support Bundle.

    The support bundle gets downloaded as a .tgz file on your local machine.