You can view the current subscription usage of vSphere+ and vSAN+ cores on each vCenter Server and determine whether the usage is beyond or within the subscription capacity you purchased.

View Subscription Capacity and Usage

Log in to the VMC Console at, and click Subscriptions.

Option Action

View the subscription quantity purchased for your Organization including details such as the billing option and the subscription term. If you have the vSAN+ subscription, the Quantity column displays the value as Multiple. You can click Multiple to view vSphere+ and vSAN+ cores individually.

If you have the Billing Read-only permission, you can view the detailed information about each subscription. See View Billing.


View the vCenter Server and vSAN license keys that are not on subscription. For vSAN, you can also view the evaluation licenses.

You can upgrade these license keys to subscriptions. To purchase subscriptions, contact a VMware sales representative or a VMware partner.

Subscription Usage

View the current usage of vSphere+ and vSAN+ cores (minimum 16/CPU) on each vCenter Server.

If the total number of cores is more than the total number of subscription quantities listed in the Subscriptions tab, then the current usage is more than the subscription capacity you purchased. You will be billed for overage

View Billing

Each Organization in VMware Cloud Services is associated with a billing account. Organization Owners and Organization Members with the Billing Read-only permission can view the billing and subscription details, and manage payment methods for their Organization.

Click the The Services icon, consisting of 9 square dots arranged in a square icon at the top right of the window, and click Billing. For more information, see Billing & Subscriptions.