You can run compliance checks to verify whether the vCenter Server configuration matches the profile configuration and detect any drifts instantly. You can run compliance checks either manually or schedule periodically to verify compliance globally across all vCenter Server instances.


Verify that at least one or more vCenter Server instances are assigned with profiles.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Console at
  2. Click Desired State Configuration > Schedule Compliance Check.
  3. Specify how frequently you want to run the compliance checks, and the start date and time.
  4. If you want to notify users in case of drifts, select Notify in case of drifts and enter the email addresses of users who should receive the email notification.
  5. Click Schedule.


Compliance checks are run at the specified schedule and you can view the status on the Desired State Configuration page. If you had opted to notify specific users in case of drifts in compliance, all those users receive an email notification and they can take the necessary actions to resolve the drifts.
Note: To edit the compliance check schedule, on the Desired State Configuration page, click View, and modify the schedule. You can also pause and resume the scheduled compliance checks when you want to modify the profile definitions and assignments or when the vCenter Server instances are in maintenance mode.