To leverage all vSphere Advantage capabilities, convert your vCenter Server to subscription.

When you convert your vCenter Server to subscription:

  • The vCenter Server and the connected hosts get enabled for subscription.
  • All hosts connected to this vCenter Server are billed to vSphere Advantage.
  • Your vCenter Server can only be used with vSphere Advantage. If you want to manage hosts licensed with license keys, you cannot reuse this vCenter Server. You must deploy a new vCenter Server.
  • In the vSphere Client, the license information is replaced with subscription information.


Ensure that your vSphere environment meets all the requirements. See Prepare Your vSphere Environment.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud console at
  2. Click Inventory.
  3. Use either of the following methods:
    • Click Convert to Subscription in the notification and select the eligible vCenter Server instances.
    • Click the individual vCenter Server in the List View, and then click Convert to Subscription.
  4. Click Convert.

What to do next

Monitor your vSphere inventory. Explore vSphere Advantage services. See Using and Managing vSphere Advantage for information about using and managing vSphere Advantage.