VMware® vSphere Advantage™ is an industry-leading workload platform that allows IT organizations to easily shift to an OpEx-based consumption model with a pay-as-you-grow subscription. Organizations can increase return on existing investments in infrastructure and skill sets without needing to move or refactor workloads.

vSphere Advantage provides you the flexibility to manage and operate your vSphere infrastructure on-premises while leveraging several cloud capabilities.

With vSphere Advantage, you can:

  • Visualize your geographically distributed vSphere infrastructure in a single pane of glass.
  • Monitor events, alerts, capacity utilization, and security posture of your vSphere infrastructure from a centralized VMware Cloud (VMC) Console.
  • Visualize your license key usage across your on-premises vSphere infrastructure. Plan and upgrade your license keys to purchase an upgrade to vSphere Advantage. The keyless entitlement and metering eliminates the need for key management. At any point, visualize your subscription usage across your deployments from the VMC Console.
  • View all the virtual machines in your vSphere environment, identify clusters that have the required capacity, and create virtual machines as necessary.
  • Streamline your vCenter Server upgrades, with VMware managing the upgrades.

For vSphere Advantage, the only installation required in your on-premises environment is a vCenter Cloud Gateway VM. vCenter Cloud Gateway establishes the communication between your on-premises vCenter Server instances and VMware Cloud, thereby, facilitates monitoring and managing your vSphere infrastructure from the VMC Console.

Figure 1. vSphere Advantage Architecture
Diagram showing the architecture for vSphere Advantage