You can create a VM without a template or a clone, and configure the virtual hardware and operating system based on your requirements. By default, the virtual disks on the VMs are configured with thick provisioning. If you want to use thin provisioning or to create a VM using a template or clone, use the vSphere Client.


You must have the Cloud Administrator role to create VMs.


  1. Log in to the VMC Console at
  2. Click Virtual Machines > Create VM.
  3. Enter all the required information under VM Location and Operating System and Hardware. You can either select the desired values for Storage and Networking or proceed with the default selections.
  4. Click Review and Create.


Creating a VM takes a while. Refresh the Virtual Machines page to see the VM you just created.

If you do not see the VM, go to the Inventory page, open the corresponding vCenter Server, and click Open vCenter to view the VM in the vSphere Client.