Welcome to VMware Cloud in-product support experience. Here you can use contextual help content to help you perform your tasks, search for answers to your questions, and create support requests.

Use Contextual Help

  1. Log in to the VMC Console at https://vmc.vmware.com.
  2. Open the Support panel by clicking the ? icon at top-right of the console.

    The Support panel provides contextual help topics that contain just enough information to assist you with your tasks. As you work your way through your tasks, and move from page to page, the help content changes accordingly. This list of content also displays your search results. Search results include more help topics, Knowledge Based articles, content from our Documentation Center, and content from our communities.

  3. If you don't find what you're looking for, click View more in VMware Docs to perform a search related to the page you are viewing, or if you have entered a search item, related to the search item.

    The results are displayed in VMware Documentation Center.

  4. If you want to get help from VMware Support, click Create a Support Request.

    For detailed instructions on creating a new support request, see Create a Support Request.

Create a Support Request

  1. Go to the VMware Cloud Services Console.
  2. Click Support Requests.
  3. Click Create a Support Request.

    The VMware Support page on Customer Connect opens.

  4. Under Technical Support, click Request Support.
  5. In the product location drop-down, select VMware Cloud Services (CSP).

    For detailed instructions on creating a new support request, see How to file a Support Request in Customer Connect and via Cloud Services Portal.