vSphere Bitfusion requires an ESXi host on which to install the vSphere Bitfusion server.

System Requirements for vSphere Bitfusion Server

The vSphere Bitfusion server must run on a vSphere deployment with the following system requirements.

  • Тhe minimum disk space requirement for a vSphere Bitfusion server appliance is 50 GB.
  • The ESXi host version, on which a vSphere Bitfusion server runs, must be 7.0 or later.
  • The minimum memory requirement for a vSphere Bitfusion server is at least 150% of the total GPU memory that is installed on the server.
  • The minimum virtual CPU (vCPU) requirement for a vSphere Bitfusion server is the number of GPU cards multiplied by 4.
  • Network supporting TCP/IP or RoCE (PVRDMA adapters).
  • A minimum of 10 Gbps of bandwidth for any machine that accesses two or more GPUs.
  • The latency between a client machine and a server virtual machine must be 50 microseconds or less. This is not a strict requirement, but the performance of the vSphere Bitfusion deployment is better with low latency.
  • All vSphere Bitfusion servers must be connected to the same valid NTP server.

Required Ports for vSphere Bitfusion Server and vCenter Server

Verify that these ports are not blocked by using a denylist or firewall rules. They are required for communication between the vSphere Bitfusion components.

  • vSphere Bitfusion server uses the following ports.
    • 45201–46225
    • 54000
    • 55001–55100
    • 56001
    • 7000
    • 7001
    • 7199
    • 9042
  • vCenter Server uses the following ports.
    • 80
    • 443

Web Browser Requirements for vCenter Server

To use vSphere Bitfusion, you require a web browser version that is supported by vCenter Server. For more information, see vSphere Client Software Requirements.

vSphere Bitfusion Compatibility and Interoperability

For a list of versions, models, and products that are compatible with vSphere Bitfusion, see the VMware vSphere Bitfusion Compatibility and Interoperability page.