You can manage, configure, and monitor vSphere Bitfusion by using the vSphere Bitfusion Plug-in.

After a vSphere Bitfusion server starts for the first time, the server registers a plug-in with vCenter Server. Any additional vSphere Bitfusion servers and clients must be enabled to join a vSphere Bitfusion cluster and to use the vSphere Bitfusion Plug-in.

The vSphere Bitfusion Plug-in provides a graphical user interface (GUI) in the main navigation pane and the drop-down menu of vCenter Server. The GUI displays the following data.
  • GPU allocation
  • Memory and compute resources use
  • Network traffic
  • Logging reports
  • Health reports

You can use the plug-in to manage allocation limits and idle intervals. You can also perform other management functions, such as ending client connections, gracefully taking servers offline, and removing hosts from the vSphere Bitfusion cluster.