The TensorFlow benchmarks are open-source ML applications designed to test the performance of the TensorFlow framework.

You branch and download the TensorFlow benchmarks to your local environment. In Git, a branch is a separate line of development.


  1. Install Git.
    sudo yum -y update
    sudo yum install git
  2. Create and make ~/bitfusion your working directory.
    mkdir bitfusion
    cd ~/bitfusion
  3. Clone the Git repository of Tensorflow benchmarks to your local environment.
    git clone
  4. Navigate to the benchmarks directory and list branches of the repository.
    cd benchmarks
    git branch -a
    remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master 
  5. Do a Git checkout and list the TensorFlow benchmarks repository.
    git checkout cnn_tf_v2.1_compatible
    Branch cnn_tf_v2.1_compatible set up to track remote branch cnn_tf_v2.1_compatible
    from origin.
    Switched to a new branch ‘cnn_tf_v2.1_compatible’
    git branch

What to do next

You can run TensorFlow benchmarks to test your vSphere Bitfusion deployment's performance. See Run TensorFlow Benchmarks.