To use AI and ML applications with vSphere Bitfusion, you must install and configure several components.

To use TensorFlow, PyTorch, and YOLO with vSphere Bitfusion, and perform benchmarks and tests, you must complete the following tasks.

  1. Install prerequisites.
    1. Install vSphere Bitfusion.

      See the VMware vSphere Bitfusion Installation Guide.

    2. Install NVIDIA CUDA.
    3. Install NVIDIA cuDNN.
    4. If you are using CentOS or Red Hat Linux, you must install Python 3.
  2. Install TensorFlow and benchmarks.
    1. Install TensorFlow.
    2. Install TensorFlow benchmarks.
    3. Run the TensorFlow benchmarks to measure the performance of your system .
  3. Install PyTorch and YOLO.
    1. Install YOLO and YOLO tests.
    2. Run the YOLO tests to measure the performance of your system.