You can change client-specific settings from the vSphere Bitfusion Plug-in, such as current GPU quota, auto disconnect, and auto-shutdown idle interval.

The following procedure changes the settings for a specific vSphere Bitfusion client only. You can change the global settings for all vSphere Bitfusion clients in the Settings > Global Client Defaults tab.


  1. In the vSphere Client, select Menu (vSphere Client menu icon) > Bitfusion.
  2. On the Clients tab, select a client from the list.
  3. From the Actions drop-down menu, select Settings.
  4. Change one or more client settings as required.
    • Enter a Current GPU Quota.

      The quota is the maximum number of GPUs that a vSphere Bitfusion client can allocate for all client applications. You can use non-integer values. For example, a quota of 3.5 allows a client to run simultaneously one application on two GPUs and a second application on 3 half-sized GPUs. The default value of 64 is enough to approximate an unlimited quota.

    • Select the Auto Disconnect Idle GPUs check box and enter an idle interval in minutes.

      This option allows vSphere Bitfusion to deallocate client GPUs and return the GPUs to the pool if the auto-shutdown idle interval is reached.

    • To use the global client settings for this vSphere Bitfusion client, click Match Defaults.
  5. Click Save.