You can stop and start vSphere Bitfusion to make a configuration change or perform debugging.

vSphere Bitfusion runs as a regular application on both vSphere Bitfusion servers and clients. A systemd service starts the vSphere Bitfusion server software when the vSphere Bitfusion server starts. To stop, start, restart the vSphere Bitfusion service, or check the service log, you must access a vSphere Bitfusion server by using command-line. The systemd file is in /lib/systemd/system/bitfusion-manager.service.
Note: Typically, administrators and users do not interact with the vSphere Bitfusion server by using CLI commands. When possible, the interactions must be performed by using the vSphere Bitfusion plug-in.


  1. Open a terminal application and run ssh customer@ip_address, where ip_address is the IP address of your vSphere Bitfusion server .
    You can obtain the vSphere Bitfusion server IP address from the vSphere Bitfusion Plug-in.
  2. Enter the customer password that you specified during the deployment of the vSphere Bitfusion server.
  3. Start, stop, or monitor the vSphere Bitfusion service.
    You can use the alias bitfusion for bitfusion-manager.service.
    Action CLI Command
    Check the Bitfusion service sudo systemctl status bitfusion
    Stop the Bitfusion service sudo systemctl stop bitfusion
    Start the Bitfusion service sudo systemctl start bitfusion
    Restart the Bitfusion service sudo systemctl restart bitfusion
    Check the Bitfusion service log sudo journalctl -u bitfusion-manager.service
    Note: You cannot use an alias.