You can run the run command to allocate GPUs for a single application. The application runs in the entire memory resource of the GPUs.

All GPUs that are requested by using the run command must be allocated from a single vSphere Bitfusion server, and the server must list the GPUs as separate devices with different PCIe addresses.

For example, the AI application,, takes two arguments: the number of GPUs and a batch size.

  • When the application expects 1 GPU, run bitfusion run -n 1 -- python --num_gpus=1 --batchsz=64
  • When the application expects 2 GPUs, run bitfusion run -n 2 -- python --num_gpus=2 --batchsz=64

By default, vSphere Bitfusion waits for 30 minutes for enough GPUs to be available. To modify the default interval, use the--timeout value, -t value argument. Enter the timeout in seconds or time and unit, such as seconds (s), minutes (m), and hours (h).

For example, you can define the following values for the value argument.
10 10 seconds
10s 10 seconds
10m 10 minutes
10h 10 hours