By using the vSphere Bitfusion plug-in, you can extend the expiration date for all vSphere Bitfusion clients.

When you activate a vSphere Bitfusion client, vSphere Bitfusion creates an entry in the Apache Cassandra database for the expiration of the client. The expiration date is 1 year after you activated the client.
When the vSphere Bitfusion client reaches the expiration date, the authorization token of the client expires and you cannot run AI and ML workloads from this client. Running a command in the command-line interface returns the following error message, where expiry_time is the expiration date for the client.
Token expired at: expiry_time
To extend the expiration date of all vSphere Bitfusion clients by 1 year, perform the following procedure. Alternatively, you can re-activate your vSphere Bitfusion client. For more information, see How to activate a vSphere Bitfusion client in the Installing VMware vSphere Bitfusion documentation.


  1. In the vSphere Client, select Menu (vSphere Client menu icon) > Bitfusion.
  2. On the Settings tab, expand Extend Client Expiration.
  3. Select Extend Expiration Date.


The expiration date of all vSphere Bitfusion clients in your cluster is extended by 1 year.