You can change server-specific settings from the vSphere Bitfusion Plug-in, such as allowing new client connections and entering a metrics interval.

The following procedure changes the settings for a specific vSphere Bitfusion server only. You can change the global settings for all vSphere Bitfusion servers in the Settings > Global Server Defaults tab.


  1. In the vSphere Client, select Menu (vSphere Client menu icon) > Bitfusion.
  2. On the Servers tab, select a server from the list.
  3. From the Actions drop-down menu, select Settings.
  4. Change one or more server settings as required.
    • Select or deselect the Allow new client connections check box.

      To shut down a vSphere Bitfusion server gracefully and perform maintenance or troubleshooting, you can deselect the Allow new client connections check box. This action prevents vSphere Bitfusion clients from running new applications on the GPUs of the vSphere Bitfusion servers while you wait for all running applications to finish.

    • To set a frequency to collect server statistics, enter a Metrics interval value in seconds.
    • To use the global server settings for this vSphere Bitfusion server, click Match Defaults.
  5. Click Save.