To configure a network adapter and specify the network's IPv4 address, CIDR Prefix, and MTU size, you must configure vApp properties. vSphere Bitfusion uses the values of these properties and configures the networking during the boot of the virtual machine.

The following procedure provides information on how to enable and set the network configuration for Network Adapter 2 by configuring vApp properties. You can modify the configuration of the other network adapters by replacing the properties that is used in this procedure. For a list of all vApp properties that you can modify, see vSphere Bitfusion vApp Properties.


  • Verify that you have the vApp.vApp application configuration privilege.
  • Verify that the virtual machine of the vSphere Bitfusion server is powered off.


  1. From the Hosts and Clusters view in vCenter Server, select the virtual machine of a vSphere Bitfusion.
  2. On the Configure tab, select Settings > vApp Options.
  3. In the Properties pane, select the property and click Set Value.
  4. In the Set value dialog box, enable the toggle switch and click OK.
  5. If you do not use DHCP, select а property and specify the value for Network Adapter 2.
    Property Value Enter an IPv4 address. For example, Select a netmask value from the drop-down menu. Enter a valid MTU size. For example, 9000.


You have configured Network Adapter 2.

What to do next

You can configure the other network adapters by replacing the correspondent properties and following the same procedure. See vSphere Bitfusion vApp Properties.