Since vSphere Bitfusion 4.5, you can identify client workloads in the graphical user interface (GUI) of vSphere Bitfusion by adding a label to the vSphere Bitfusion client.

You can use a --label argument with the run and request_gpus commands to add a label to a vSphere Bitfusion client. The label is saved in the ~/.bitfusion/client.yaml client configuration file and is displayed on the Clients tab. To update a label, you can run again the run or request_gpus commands with a new --label argument or alternatively you can update the client.yaml configuration file. One client supports only a single label.


  • In the terminal of your vSphere Bitfusion client, run the bitfusion run -n 1 --label "client_label" -- applications and arguments command, where client_label is the name of the label.