By using the graphical user-interface (GUI) of vSphere Bitfusion, you can view the number of GPUs, GPU model, and the allocated GPU memory for a specific vSphere Bitfusion client.

To view GPU information related to a specific server, see View GPU Information for a vSphere Bitfusion Server.


  1. In the vSphere Client, select Menu (vSphere Client menu icon) > Bitfusion.
  2. On the Clients tab, select a client from the list.
  3. From the Actions drop-down menu, select GPUs.

View GPU Allocation and Utilization for a vSphere Bitfusion Client in the CLI

Since vSphere Bitfusion 4.5, you can run the usage command on a vSphere Bitfusion client and view the current allocated memory and utilization of GPUs for the servers that the client is connected to.

If you are currently not running any AI or ML workflows, no vSphere Bitfusion servers and GPU information is displayed in the command output.


  • In the terminal of your vSphere Bitfusion client, run the bitfusion usage command.


The current GPU allocation and utilization of the specific vSphere Bitfusion client are displayed.


For example, the following command output is displayed.
 - server [] usage:
   |- device allocation (2457 / 8192) MB  utilization (346) MB
   |- device allocation (2457 / 8192) MB  utilization (0) MB

Total allocation: 4914 MB, total utilization: 346 MB

What to do next

To view a structured command output, you can run the bitfusion usage command with a --yaml argument. YAML is plain-text data serialization format.