You can connect the virtual machine of your vSphere Bitfusion server to up to four networks.

During the deployment process of a vSphere Bitfusion server, you must configure at least Network Adapter 1, which is used for management and data traffic. Network adapters 2, 3, and 4 are optional and are used for data traffic only. To add network interfaces for data traffic after the deployment process of your server is finished, follow this procedure.
Note: Each network adapter must be connected to a separate network. vSphere Bitfusion chooses the network that is most efficient for data transfers to the vSphere Bitfusion server.


  • Verify that you have the Virtual machine.Configuration.Add or remove device privilege.
  • Verify that the virtual machine of the vSphere Bitfusion server is powered off.


  1. In the vSphere Client, right-click the virtual machine of a vSphere Bitfusion server and select Edit Settings.
  2. On the Virtual Hardware tab, click the Add New Device button.
  3. Under Network, select Network Adapter.
  4. From the New Network drop-down menu, select a network to connect the virtual machine to.
  5. Expand the New Network section and from the Adapter Type drop-down menu, select the network adapter to assign to the virtual machine.
    vSphere Bitfusion supports VMXNET3 and PVRDMA adapters.
  6. Click OK.


You have added a new network adapter to the virtual machine of your vSphere Bitfusion server.

What to do next

  • You can add up to four network adapters.
  • Enable the adapter on the vSphere Bitfusion server and specify additional settings, if you are not using DHCP. See Configure a Network Interface.