This Getting Started with VMware vSphere Container Storage Plug-in is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

This table provides the update history of the Getting Started with VMware vSphere Container Storage Plug-in.



16 MAY 2022
06 MAY 2022 Minor corrections for the example script in Using Volume Snapshot and Restore.
14 APR 2022 Added Deploy Prometheus and Build Grafana Dashboards workflow.
12 APR 2022 Minor corrections.
30 MAR 2022 Updated Design Considerations and Best Practices When Using vSAN Stretched Clusters for Kubernetes with a statement that vSAN stretched clusters do not support RWM volumes.
25 MAR 2022 Added information on enabling volume snapshots after an upgrade of vSphere Container Storage Plug-in to version 2.5.0. See Enable Volume Snapshot and Restore After an Upgrade to Version 2.5.x.
17 MAR 2022
11 MAR 2022 Fixed version compatibility errors for offline volume expansion and other features in Supported Kubernetes Functionality and Limitations.

03 MAR 2022

01 MAR 2022

Initial release.