You might use exit codes if you want to integrate the VMware Tools configuration utility commands with a scripting tool.

Table 1. Exit Codes
Code Number Applicable Command Description
0 All commands The command was successful.
1 All commands Always indicates that an error occurred.

For the shrink command, 1 indicates that although shrinking is enabled, the shrink command cannot be carried out.

64 All commands The command-line argument is not valid.
66 script The file name does not exist.
69 device and stat For the device command, 69 indicates that the specified device does not exist. Use the list subcommand to display valid names of devices.

For the stat command, 69 indicates that the program could not communicate with the host (EX_UNAVAILABLE).

75 stat The host does not support the query, perhaps because the host is not an ESX/ESXi host (EX_TEMPFAIL).
77 All commands Permission errors.