Use VSA Manager Installer to upgrade VSA Manager from version 5.1.x to version 5.5 or later. The installer does not upgrade existing VSA clusters and the VSA cluster service. They remain at their original version and you can upgrade them separately.

This procedure applies only to upgrades from vSphere Storage Appliance version 5.1.x. For upgrades from version 1.x, see Upgrade vSphere Storage Appliance Components from Version 1.x to Version 5.5.


Upgrade VSA Manager to version 5.5 or later.
  1. On the vCenter Server machine, start the VMware-vsamanager-all-version_number-build_number.exe file.
  2. Follow the prompts to perform the upgrade.


The VSA Manager is upgraded.

What to do next

If the VSA Manager page is disabled after the upgrade, restart VMware Virtual Center Management Webservices. See VSA Manager Page Does Not Appear.