If the vCenter Server system failed and you had to recover or reinstall it together with VSA Manager, the VSA cluster is still running but is no longer registered with vCenter Server and VSA Manager. You can use the VSA Installer wizard to recover the running VSA cluster. Recovering the VSA cluster in VSA Manager does not make changes to the cluster.


To recover management over multiple VSA Clusters you must recover each VSA Cluster individually.

Verify that the environment meets the VSA cluster recovery prerequisites.

  • The IP addresses of the ESXi hosts did not change
  • The VSA cluster is online and its virtual machines are still running
  • All ESXi hosts in the cluster have the same root password
  • vCenter Server is installed on the same or different computer
  • The database of the failed vCenter Server is not restored

Install VSA Manager with the new vCenter Server installation.

Create a new datacenter in vCenter Server. The datacenter name must not be VSADC as the VSA cluster recovery workflow creates a datacenter with that name. If a datacenter with the VSADC name exists, the recovery fails.

On the Welcome page of the VSA Installer wizard, select Recover VSA Cluster and click Next.


The Recover VSA Cluster page shows the progress of the recovery task.

What to do next

After the recovery process completes, click Reconfigure to open the reconfigure network wizard. For information, see Reconfigure the VSA Cluster Network.