To perform automated installation of the VSA cluster, you can use the automated installer script and enter the required parameters.


  • Verify that your environment meets the requirements to perform automated installation as described in VSA Automated Installer Requirements.
  • Clean the %temp% folder to free up space.


  1. On the Windows Server system that runs vCenter Server, run the installation command from the automated installer package: install.exe.
    Make sure to run the installation command from the directory where install.exe is located. Otherwise, the installation might fail.
  2. Restart the vSphere Web Client.


The VSA automated installer script installs all components and creates a VSA cluster.

What to do next

After the VSA Automated Installer completes the installation process, you must establish a connection between the VSA Manager and a newly created VSA cluster. To do this, either manually restart the VMware Virtual Center Management Webservices, or use the vSphere Web Client to access the VSA Manager page.