You use the VSA Installer wizard to create the VSA cluster. You can also use the wizard to recover an online or an offline cluster.


  1. Navigate to the VSA Manager page.
    1. Select a datacenter that has two or more ESXi hosts.
    2. Click the Manage tab and click VSA Manager.
  2. On the Welcome page of the VSA Installer wizard, select whether to install a new VSA cluster, to recover an existing cluster, or to complete a move operation.
    Option Description
    New Installation Installation workflow that installs a new VSA cluster on the ESXi hosts in the datacenter object.
    Recover VSA Cluster Recovery workflow for an online VSA cluster that is installed on the ESXi hosts but does not appear on VSA Manager page.
    Complete Move Operation Workflow to complete a move operation that you started on this or a different vCenter Server.
  3. Click Next.